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    If you're just looking to be prepared, or certifications are a job requirement, trust Revive EMS as a Certified Canadian Red Cross Partner to help you develop your first aid and safety skills.

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The weekly First Aid and CPR training classes at Revive EMS teach health and safety skills to professionals, as well as useful knowledge that can be applied to your daily life, no matter where you are.

Our courses are ministry certified and taught by Canadian Red Cross certified instructors to provide you with the skills you need to take action and save lives.

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Security Guard Certifications

Get started training for the First Aid & CPR certification levels you need today with Revive EMS.

Healthcare Provider Certifications

Learn the specifics of standard First Aid and CPR, as well as basic life support and AED training.

Professional Certifications

Revive EMS can provide the training you need to satisfy your workplace health and safety rules.

Personal Training

Learn the basics you need to act, prevent, and manage first aid scenarios at home and in daily life.

Be Prepared For Anything

Our GTA-based in-class courses provide training for professional certifications, personal knowledge, and even training for children.

Standard First Aid
CPR Level C + AED


Blended course providing online and in-class training across 14 topics of standard first aid.

Basic Life Support
Formerly HCP


The BLS course provides training in Basic Life Support Skills for healthcare providers.

CPR - Level C


One day, in-class course providing certification in CPR - Level C.

Emergency First Aid - CPR Level C


One day, in-class course providing training across 9 topics of emergency first aid.

Stay Safe
Basic First Aid


Short, curated courses to provide training in basic first aid for at-home scenarios.

Basic First Aid


Stay-at-home basic first aid for young adults to address emergencies while babysitting.

AED Training
Standalone AED Course


This standalone course teaches the basics of understanding and utilizing an AED.

Fire Safety
Online Training


Fire Safety training for security guards, building superintendents and others.

First Aid Training from Revive EMS in Mississauga and the GTA

Trusted First Aid & CPR Training

Revive EMS, a trusted training partner of GF1 Security Services and the Canadian Red Cross, provides hands-on first aid and safety training in the Greater Toronto Area.

Our first aid and CPR courses meet ministry guidelines to provide you with important life-saving skills for everyday life and with the training you need for your security guard or professional positions.

About Revive EMS

Empowering You To Act

Revive EMS first aid training is instructed by Canadian Red Cross certified professionals, providing you with the information you need to act at home or at work.

With WSIB approved in-class instruction, our hands-on approach to first aid training immerses you in the learning process and ensures you absorb all of the information you need to act quickly, responsibly, and correctly.

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Revive EMS trains professionals for health and safety

Make The Safe Decision

  • The instructors made the course easy to understand, and I felt confident with my new skills to be able to do my job safely and properly. Thanks Revive EMS!
    Ryan C.

The Revive EMS Blog

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Posted Apr 26th, 2022

Whether you are attending public school, college, university or are perhaps at your first job, you can never be sure when a First Aid or AED certification will help you save a life.

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First Aid & CPR Certificates for Healthcare Providers

Posted Apr 25th, 2022

Nurses, dental assistants, and personal support workers all require a certain level of First Aid & CPR certifications and Basic Life Support skills in order to practice. Find out how to get started.

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First Aid & CPR for Commercial or Industrial Workers

Posted Apr 13th, 2022

Are you looking for work or managing a team in a commercial or industrial setting? You'll need First Aid & CPR certification to keep you and your coworkers safe on the job.

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Revive EMS first aid and CPR training in Mississauga

The Right Skills Are The First Step

Have the right tools in your back pocket, and the knowledge to use them with the proper training from Revive EMS and take the first step towards saving lives.

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