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Standard First Aid
CPR Level C + AED

First Aid & CPR Certification, Revive EMS


Standard First Aid is required for workplaces with more than 5 workers in a shift. 

Standard First Aid CPR - C is a must-have for anyone in a supervisory or management position. Most law enforcement and healthcare agencies also require Standard First Aid & CPR C + AED Training. This course can also be taken by anybody interested in acquiring a higher certification.


Standard First Aid & CPR - Level C






8 Hours of Online Learning
7.5 Hours of Teaching Time (In Class)


Men or Women of All Ages

Included Topics

  1. The Red Cross
  2. Responding to Emergencies
  3. Check, Call, Care
  4. Choking
  5. Circulation Emergencies
  6. CPR and AED
  7. Breathing Emergencies
  8. Wound Care
  9. Head, Neck and Spinal Injuries
  10. Bone, Muscle and Joint Injuries
  11. Sudden Medical Emergencies
  12. Environmental Illness
  13. Poisons
  14. AED




Revive EMS first aid and CPR training in Mississauga

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