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Standalone AED Course

First Aid & CPR Certification, Revive EMS


It's no surprise that an AED in the right hands can save a life, and our standalone course provides you the training to make your hands the right ones.




In Class


1/2 Day

Included Topics

  1. Introduction
  2. What Is An AED?
  3. When is an AED Required?
  4. Prepping an AED
  5. Using an AED Safely
  6. What's Next?

The Revive EMS Difference

Revive EMS is a Canadian Red Cross Training Partner

Training Partner

Revive EMS is a GF1 Security Services Training Partner

Training Partner

Approved & Recognized

Training Included

  • The instructors made the course easy to understand, and I felt confident with my new skills to be able to do my job safely and properly. Thanks Revive EMS!
    Ryan C.




Revive EMS first aid and CPR training in Mississauga

The Right Skills Are The First Step

Have the right tools in your back pocket, and the knowledge to use them with the proper training from Revive EMS and take the first step towards saving lives.

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